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How to Speed up Windows 8/8.1


Many of us have upgraded to Windows 8/8.1 either for the speed improvements or from buying a new computer with it pre-installed. Although it is faster at loading up than earlier versions of Windows there are a few more things ... Read More »

When Windows 7 Slows Down


Windows 7 certainly delivers its promising of being a blazing-fast OS, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Even a solid set-up like Windows 7 can be made a little better. There’s also the trouble that can arise with a computer ... Read More »

Slow Computer Problems

There is almost nothing as annoying as a slow computer. Since you probably use your computer for many different things from work, to recreation it is important that your machine runs properly and that you don’t have any problems that ... Read More »

The cloud – What is it?

the cloud

It can be confusing to users hearing “the cloud” as most people don’t fully understand what it is or what it means. The cloud is not an actual cloud but a collection of computers running together, collaborating to provide what ... Read More »

Types of Scans

file scan

There are many different types of scanner options. The manual scanner/on-demand scanner, also referred to as a file scanner, must be started manually by the user or it must be timed (on-demand). The purpose of this scanner is cleaning and ... Read More »